Visiting a Southern Border in Crisis | Episode #1


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Building Your Empire with John Hewitt | Guest: Pastor Tony Suarez Today's Show is "Visiting a Southern Border in Crisis." Listen to Pastor Tony as he talks about his family's background and the lessons he learned. Tony is the COO of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC). Hear John and talk about their recent visit (May 2021) to the U.S. Southern Border and their thoughts about their experiences. Have you ever wondered why Christian Kingdom businesses are more successful than others? Meet John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands. John Hewitt has created a thousand millionaires for the Kingdom, and you could be the next one. Listen to iCompete - Building Your Empire with John Hewitt. John Hewitt is the "Hewitt" in "Jackson Hewitt Tax Service," after which he founded "Liberty Tax Service" with over 4000 offices. John sold his interest in Liberty for nearly 500 million dollars. Now John Hewitt is doing it again for the third time. John Hewitt and his partners teach Christian entrepreneurs how to have a CEO mindset and lead them to build their own empires for the Kingdom. Tune in to this Podcast each Monday at 8 am for new episodes of iCompete - Building Your Empire with John Hewitt. You will find the complete show archives wherever you listen to podcasts,, and John Hewitt's Host Pages:,, and

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