Coding Accuracy Assessment: The News not Good


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Central Learning is a web-based coding assessment and education application. Since 2016, the company has conducted an annual national coding review to measure ICD-10 coding accuracy and production.
The initial intent was to evaluate how coding accuracy and production fared using ICD-10, as compared to ICD-9. The common industry accuracy benchmark under ICD-9 was 95 percent.
The findings in 2018 indicated that the industry at large still lags far behind past expectations. In addition, as production under ICD-10 increases, accuracy decreases. Reporting our lead story during the next edition of Talk Ten Tuesdays will be Holly Louie, past president of the Healthcare Business and Management Association (HBMA) and guest co-host.
The live broadcast will also feature these other segments:

  • Tuesday Focus: Justin Hammerling, president of Kapios Health and vice president of ProMedica, reports on the disconnect between doctors and coders when scheduling inpatient surgeries.
  • The CDI Report: Dr. James Kennedy, physician, certified coder, and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialist, reports on strategies you can use to appropriately upgrade your action plan for coding additional inpatient diagnoses.
  • Coding Life in Transition: Nationally recognized professional physician coder and auditor Terry Fletcher reports on coding for transitional care management (TCM) for patients with medical and/or psychosocial problems requiring moderate or high-complexity medical decision-making.
  • Revenue Cycle Report: Bonnie S. Cassidy, nationally renowned health information management (HIM) authority, reports on why the mid-revenue cycle has traditionally been under-resourced.
  • News Desk: Timothy Powell, compliance expert, and ICD10monitor national correspondent anchors the Talk Ten Tuesdays News Desk.

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