Episode 486: Enemy Mine (1985) and Alien Nation (1988)


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This week on the Talk Without Rhythm Podcast I'm continuing Sci-Tember with two socially-conscious odd couple slices of science fiction: 1985's Enemy Mine and 1988's Alien Nation. And speaking of strange, yet complimentary pairings joining me on this episode is the OG-TWoRPer himself, The Cancer Man!

Warning - we go DEEP in this episode, both in our cups and in our conversation. Strap in.

[00:00] INTRO

[01:45] Trick or Treat Radio Promo


[39:02] Enemy Mine (1985)

[01:25:37] Alien Nation (1988)

[02:47:27] FEEDBACK

[02:51:51] ENDING MUSIC: Alien Nation by Scorpions

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