Talking Drupal #308 - Remote Work


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Today we are talking about Remote Work with Kaleem Clarkson.

  • Chad - New dog and selling house
  • Nic - Affogatos
  • Kaleem - First covid test (negative) Speaking to United Airlines and Visa 8 -24 -21
  • John - White water rafting
  • How do you define remote work
  • Fully distributed
  • Hybrid remote
  • Telecommuting
  • How the pandemic has changed remote work
  • How in person requirement affect companies
  • How you onboard in remote
  • Preboarding
  • Onboarding
  • Access to info
  • What to prepare as an employee
  • What to prepare as an employer
  • Risk of isolation culture
  • Remote work routines
  • Net positive or net negative for companies
  • Blend Me Inc

Who Wins In Hybrid Blue Heeler (aka, Australian Cattle Dog): Harvard business review Blend Me, Inc. Buffer’s Pay Calculator:


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