Ep.37 - East Donyland Hall in the height of summer is burgeoning with fruit, vegetables and flower, so Lucy takes some time out of her working day to give you a tour of the best parts of the garden...


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As the Coronovirus pandemic has changed many aspects of life over the past many months, the gardens and green spaces all across the UK have continued in full glory over the spring - but Summer has arrived and for many the outdoors is the sanctuary from the continued uncertainty of what lies ahead. Head Gardeners Saul and Lucy have still been full at work at Stonelands and Easy Donyland (as well as their own gardens) and continue to share their lives as professional horticulturists, there tips and tricks and their observations of their gardening lives.
East Donyland Hall in summer is a hive of activity - you can almost hear the fruit and vegetables growing, as they fill the borders in the Kitchen Garden. Grasshoppers, bees and butterflies fill the Annual Cornflower Meadow and the herbaceous beds are popping with colour and texture. Lucy takes some time out of her day to enjoy this most exciting time in the garden and paints a picture for you to listen to.
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