[EP 099] Coronavirus Implications on Commercial Contracts and Force Majeure Clauses


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The coronavirus outbreak has not given us an advantageous start to the year. As of today there are 198,394 reported coronavirus cases, 7,981 deaths and 165 countries and territories around the world have been affected and these numbers are increasing rapidly. With cities in lockdown, travel restrictions in place and global trade in a mess, its fair to say that this outbreak has had a massive effect on businesses worldwide. So in this episode, we have on board Robyn Purdy from our very own Aspect Legal, to discuss the implications of the coronavirus outbreak on commercial contracts and in particular Force Majeure clauses. We look at what you need to be focusing on in supply contracts where supply is now or might in the future be an issue. We also look at proactive steps you can be taking right now to get on the front foot to protect your organisation.

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