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Sobriety. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sobriety is why I am here living the life I am today. Every podcast will show a piece of how anyone struggling can indeed get their life back even when one thinks that there is no way possible from drug or alcohol addiction. I once had everything, achieving my lifetime goal of becoming a professional freestyle Moto-X rider for over 20 years. I was Living the rockstar life, traveling the world, riding my dirt bike in front of thousands and parting hard daily. Over that time from each injury, ruptured spleen and breaking multiple bones, I easily got heavily addicted to every drug in the book. The amount of drugs and alcohol progressively started to increase as part of my daily routine just to function properly. When that happened, loosing everything to my name also happened. I burned every bridge, lost almost every friendship/ family relationships and simply lost hope of life. A thing called, Rehab made it into my life. I like to think I was “reborn.” I started to focus on making sobriety solely my #1 from that day on. Now having over six years strong of being clean & sober, I’m back on top. I have everything back that I lost but everything in a ten times better form. Everyday feels like Christmas, ALL because I am positive, clean & sober. In this podcast you will hear my stories from my dark days of drug addiction. My journey of how I got sober and how I am staying sober. I will be interviewing/ talking buddy to buddy with friends, people I look up too, newly sober fans who look up to the success Ive had after overcoming my struggles, etc you name it! You will also get to know my co-host & someone I look up every day. His name is Russel Burke. He is paralyzed from the neck down from an unfortunate boating accident, BUT has the most active life with the best outlook on life. He happily shows his followers, fellow struggling addicts and recovering addicts how you can make the most out of life no matter what faulty cards life has dealt you. We will get in debates about drug and alcohol topics of each kind. We will give tips on how to get and stay sober. We want to reach out to anyone who needs to talk. Or anyone who would like to tell their story. I am no one special and I want to express that anyone can get there life back from the hell of addiction. No position you have put yourself in will keep you from becoming sober and excel in life. Its tough, its draining, it takes time, but if your done struggling, there is always, ALWAYS, light at the end of the tunnel. Always. LETS DO THIS......... one day at a time!!!! googleplay:talkingsobriety

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