Talking Social Business #004: Connecting, Collaborating and Communicating Using Periscope


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Talking Social Business 004 - Connecting, Collaborating and Communicating using Periscope

A year ago this week, Periscope the live stream app from Twitter launched, hot on the heels of the live streaming app Meerkat. What a difference a year can make; Meerkat recently announced it is changing and commented:

The distribution advantages of Twitter/Periscope and Facebook Live drew more early users to them away from us and we were not able to grow as quickly alongside as we had planned.

We have seen many third party apps develop to enable users to live stream from a mobile device using YouTube Live as the platform. Significantly Facebook Live is rolling out across the globe for personal use and for business pages.

To mark the one year anniversary of Periscope, I decided to have a special episode of the show, featuring people who have been using Periscope over the last year and to explore their experiences.

The response I received from people I approached was terrific, and as a result we have four special episodes with this first one featuring five guests.

I hope you will enjoy this episode, especially if you have not yet explored mobile live streaming for your business.

Talking Social Business Episode 004 Show Notes

Part 1: Mark Shaw

00:00:00 Introduction to this special episode to celebrate the first anniversary of Periscope
00:04:26 Meet Mark Shaw, entrepreneur and social media trainer
00:05:07 Learn how Mark first began using Periscope for live streaming
00:06:24 How Mark’s work has been impacted by Periscope
00:08:16 Mark’s approach to Periscope for his business
00:11:09 Learn about the Tag Tribes community that Mark has established
00:13:36 How he finds time to live stream on Periscope
00:15:58 What is the one live stream event that really stands out over the last year?
00:17:21 His plan for using Periscope in the year ahead
00:25:18 How to connect with Mark Shaw

Part 2: Mitch Jackson

00:26:03 Meet Mitch Jackson, Trial Lawyer
00:27:13 Learn how Mitch got started using Periscope for his business
00:28:57 The live stream platforms he used prior to Periscope being launched
00:30:46 How Mitch uses Periscope to live stream during the course of his day
00:33:54 Tips for law firms who want to explore using Periscope as part of their communications
00:36:51 What lawyers should not live stream
00:38:09 How using Periscope has built his visibility outside of the US
00:43:02 His plans for using Periscope in the year ahead
00:44:58 How to connect with Mitch Jackson

Part 3: Cathy Hackl

00:46:51 Meet Cathy Hackl, PR Consultant
00:50:26 Learn about her first experience using Periscope
00:53:37 How PR professionals can use live streaming for events
00:57:32 Learn about Cathy’s favourite live stream for use in PR
01:01:20 How she finds time for to live stream with Periscope
01:02:47 Her plans for using Periscope in the forthcoming year?
01:04:00 How to connect with Cathy Hackl

Part 4: Tarikh Korula

01:05:15 Meet Tarikh Korula, CEO of
01:08:13 The origins of Katch for archiving live streams
01:13:08 The challenges of creating a startup
01:15:04 The benefits of using Katch is you live stream using Periscope
01:18:13 Curating your live streams with Katch
01:19:33 How startups can use live streaming
01:21:43 The implications of creating an app to support Periscope users as the app continues to change
01:23:06 How Katch will develop in the months ahead
01:24:19 How to connect with Tarikh Korula

Part 5: Ryan Steinolfson

01:24:52 Meet Ryan Steinolfson, Digital Marketer
01:26:20 Learn about his experience with video marketing before live streaming with Periscope was available
01:30:50 How Ryan thinks about live streaming for his business as an investment for the future
01:33:45 Using tools to enhance the production quality of your live streams
01:39:11 How to generate leads when using Periscope
01:43:21 Using Periscope for real estate
01:47:49 The future of 360 live streaming and virtual reality
01:52:00 Live streaming and action sports
01:58:33 How to connect with Ryan Steinolfson

Part 5: Periscope for Business Resources

01:59:56 How to access free resources about using Periscope in your business
02:01:05 How to share your Periscope case study
02:03:27 How to leave a comment or question for this episode of Talking Social Business – on Twitter you can use the show hashtag #TalkingSocBiz.

Resources For The Show

Periscope celebrates it’s first birthday – read about how they marked this milestone here

Google is said to be developing a live video app called YouTube Connect to rival Periscope and Facebook Live – see the article here

Twitter turns 10 years this week

How Royal Caribbean used Periscope to connect with a younger audience – read about the live stream campaign here

How to get started using Facebook Live – read this article and watch this recorded live stream

Video tutorials and resources to help you get started using Periscope for your organisation – access them here

Watch the Live Stream Insiders weekly show archive and find details of forthcoming shows.

Apps referenced in the show: 360 video app Splash (currently only available for iOS) and live stream in 360 with Livit Now (Android and iOS app)

Remember to subscribe to the show so that you do not miss the further three Periscope case studies and if you enjoy the show, please do consider leaving a review on iTunes.

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