29 - Chris Hargrove and Connecting with Middle School Students


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We need to connect with Middle School Students!

Sometimes it feels like they're on a different planet, but it's essential for us to find points of connections with them throughout our time ministering to them!

Enter Chris Hargrove!

He's the Middle School Pastor at Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville, GEORGIA. Don't get it wrong.

We had a conversation about how he makes effort to connect with the middle school students in his care.

Here are smart things that were said:

    In essential that we get OUTSIDE our offices and go to where students are. Go and watch a middle school student play their sport, be in their, or play their instrument. You'll win them over! Inject a culture of connection into your small group leaders! Struggling to connect with middle school students is better than NOT trying to connect with them!

Go be smart. Connect with Middle School Students!

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