38 - Networking and Middle School Ministry


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Do you know what my busiest day during the week is? Monday.

I'm thinking podcasts are now going to be a Tuesday thing.

Cool? Cool.

Something I love to do is spend time with other youth workers and student pastors! I love to bounce ideas off of them, listen to what they are struggling with and hear about the wins they are having with their ministries.

Networking is a huge thing that can save a youth pastor from burn out, making some really tough decisions in a bubble, and give you the encouragement you need to fight through another Spring semester slump.

Here's some things I talk about in this episode:

    Social media is a great tool to let you connect with other youth pastors. You should use it! Figure out how to get some video conferencing going so you can see the faces of people you can network with from far away! Get together with other youth workers in your area over coffee (or cheap burgers) and see if there are events you can coordinate on! There are enough lost students in your area to fill every church twice over. It's not a competition. We're on the same team!

Have any additional thoughts here? I'd love to know!

Send me a message and let's connect!

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