Sunday Morning Squirrels - 04.21.19


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Sunday Morning Squirrels:

We don't have a lot of students show up on Easter. It's totally a culture thing with our church. They come with their whole family, go to service, and then go do something as a family. Because of this, we have "The Easter Rule" given to us by our pastor: If we know we're going to have a very small number of students, we spend exactly one hour prepping for Sunday and then do other things that week.

I give you, a Sunday Morning that I spent about an hour and a half prepping for.

Countdown Video:

Kids Scared of the Easter Bunny


Peter, Cotton, Tail

It's a Rock, Paper Scissors game versus the screen. Students have to choose a space in the room that has a sign labeled "Peter, Cotton, or Tail" and if they match the screen they are out! But if it lands on "Peter Cottontail", the last group to go gets back in!

Easter Egg Hunt 3!

I honestly didn't know there were Easter Egg Hunts 1 and 2. But this game was fun! We had students write their guess on whiteboards. The one closest got a point!

The one who was most wrong got a Cascarón smashed on their head!


Burn Like a Star

Death was Arrested

Bible Study:

Main Idea:

Because Jesus is alive, we can have new life!


John 20


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