Talking Terror: Santa Is Coming To Slay Us!


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On this episode of Talking Terror, The Mad Monkey is feeling in a festive mood! With the holidays on the way, he wants to deck the halls with boughs of murder and jingle the bells of the dead and raise the spirits of Christmas! The other eerie emcees of the show are perfectly fine drinking eggnog and hurling snowballs at those pesky door to door carolers. To kick off this month of holiday horrors (and they're not talking about Aunt Bertha that always eats too much and only gives you fruit cake as a gift). No, they need a movie to discuss! So gather round while the chestnuts burn over an open fire as they talk about the Mad Monkey's film pick of the week; "Santa's Slay" from 2005 and directed by David Steiman. Happy Horroridays and Stay scared people, stay scared.

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