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Ahna talks about how she went from working as a nurse practitioner to running her own successful entrepreneurial businesses, Jason and Ahna discuss their shared love of the Brits and why it's critically important for women to ditch the scale and focus on what really matters with your health.
"The truth is rarely found in the extremes. But somewhere in the middle. Fight hard for that middle ground."
Ahna Fulmer is the author and owner of leading DIY healthy lifestyle blog, Hammers N Hugs, where women are inspired to reclaim their hearts and homes by empowering holistic wellness with all-natural recipes, fitness and nutrition advice, DIY tutorials, home decor inspiration, and family fun to redevelop your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social health – one imperfect day at a time.
A podcast host, dual-certified nurse practitioner, fitness/nutrition coach, and DIY pro – Ahna has been published by the American Heart Association and featured on major platforms such as iHeart Radio, ABC News, Wayfair, Apartment Therapy, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and American Farmhouse Style Magazine.
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