Mervin Budram - Brand Consultant, Coach, Award Winning Gospel Musician


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Mervin Budram is a multiple-time entrepreneur, business owner & brand strategist for high-performing brands and people, and an award-winning world-class musician, along with a track record in music production, artist development & management. Mervin has worked with some of the largest brands in the Caribbean as well as the US, Belize, and other governments to help them achieve more personal growth, impact, revenue, and freedom.
With a background in business, marketing, and music, and with 25+ years’ experience in owning, managing & operating several successful business ventures & brands, he is considered a go-to expert in the spaces he works in by founders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get clear on their vision, gain the discipline, produce the results.

Mervin is a multiple business award winner from prestigious groups, such as CENPROMYPE, Beltraide, Young Leaders of America Initiative, and more. He’s the founder of TAS Belize, a digital marketing agency as well as the founder & host of the Creative Monday Discussion show, an entrepreneurial podcast/talk show for creative, business, lifestyle, and wellness professionals who want to learn effective lessons, & strategies to develop themselves, grow their business and impact their community.

Mervin frequently appears in the national media for his music as well as insights on business growth strategies, increasing focus, and creating more influential leadership.

As a brand strategist and entrepreneur coach, Mervin can help any founder, business owner or entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck, disorganized, demotivated or a sense of unclarity, experience more personal growth, more impact, more revenue, and more freedom through utilizing his services.

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