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Michelle and Jason talk about the power of curiosity, what it was like for Michelle to post on Linkedin for 365 days straights and what has her decide to join the ranks of those crazy people with two podcasts:)
"Enter the moment."
Michelle Griffin is a personal brand and marketing/PR strategist whose devoted her career to connecting people, growing communities and building brands.

After spending two decades in corporate, agency and professional association roles, Michelle founded the personal branding consultancy, BRANDthority which equips founders and entrepreneurs with the training and resources they need to share and profit from their talents.

She is also an international brand strategy coach, speaker and host of the B2B personal branding podcasts, The Business of You and The LinkedIn Branding Show with listeners worldwide.

As a life-long learner, Michelle is also a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide and holds numerous industry certifications. She is a frequent speaker, guest contributor and Social Audio Host on topics of personal branding, LinkedIn marketing and the power of networking.

Community is an important part of Michelle’s mission to serve others. She is the founder of The #365 Creators LinkedIn community of 1000+ global professionals and also volunteers for several nonprofit, civic and professional organizations.

Outside of work you can find Michelle enjoying the outdoors of sunny Florida with her family. She is an avid health, fitness, animal and nature evangelist, and is always on the quest to find new gluten-free/dairy-free and vegetarian offerings on her travels.

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