Episode 30: Dimorphodon


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In which a series of bad accents are unveiled, I forget what the episode is about, a criminally under looked god of Paleontology is criminally under looked, I battle my Arch Nemesis (again), I both remember AND forget Beef, I sell out (for the best possible reason [caltrops]), and I decide the victor of the GREATEST BATTLE OF ALL TIME while simultaneously annoying a Head of State and a twitter personality. Whew, it's a doozy! I am now an affliate for Dice Envy! Head to http://bit.ly/dinodice to get some great dice and support the podcast!Special thanks as ever to AlEctricity for the theme song ( https://soundcloud.com/alectricitynz ) and Adam 'Underfoot' Donohue for the logo and segment! Check out Insanely Haunted, the podcast in the promo, at http://insanelyhaunted.comAny questions, ideas, or just wanna yarn? Email talkingwithdinosaurs@gmail.com . Also let me know if you want to access the Discord or private ARK: Survival Evolved server!https://ko-fi.com/talkingwithdinosaurs

Transcript available: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1guAfEkNALOvp-cpcxq8JfMnfn5HliYdltE5ngPx4ZXU/edit?usp=sharing

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