Ep046 - Shit Mixers


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This week we're talking about the state of equipment in the clubs...should the clubs be responsible for maintaining top of the range mixers, or are we reaching a time where the DJs need to start bringing their own stuff to the clubs? Is a technical rider necessary anymore, and would you walk away from a club set if you turned up and the equipment wasn't up to scratch?! Every week there will be a brand new episode dropping, where we discuss relevant topics, giving our unfiltered & honest opinions about anything that comes up in conversation! We'll even be bringing through some of our friends to join the conversation & you'll also see some of the biggest DJs in the world pass through to chop it up! Got anything you want us to talk about? Drop it in the comments & we'll do the rest! The podcast is available here on Apple Music, on Spotify AND on Youtube, (just search 'Talkover Podcast' on whichever platform you want to use) and don't forget to subscribe / like / follow the channel to stay on top of every episode! Thanks for listening....

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