Tao of Tech - Ep. 7 - An interview with HG World writer Jay Smith


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This week I had the privilege to interview Jay Smith, the writer of the podcast audio-drama HG World. Jay and I discussed his writing, the inspiration for HG World, his favorite characters to write for, Mafia Wars, South Park, and the most memorable scene he has written for HG World. Once you finish listening to the interview, head over to the HG World website at www.goodmorningsurvivors.com and tell them the Tao of Tech sent ya! Stay tuned after the show and listen to the promo for Paul E Cooleys horror novella "Tattoo". Head over to Paul's website http://shadowpublications.com/ for more Feindmaster goodness, or to www.Amazon.com or www.smashwords.com to pick up your copy of "Tattoo".

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