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We are back with another brewers panel episode featuring 3 of the most respected and skilled brewers in the state if not the country. Before we get to that, make a note to submit a rating and review to iTunes. Its a huge help to us. Let me know you did so and I’ll read your review on the episode and send you some swag.

The topic for this installment of the "Brewers Panel" series is trends in beer. Many people, especially on the beer side thought the hazy IPA would never stick. The style is taking on a life of its own and capturing fans from varying preferences. My guests for this episode have worked their entire lives to perfect the clarity of their beer so a hazy seems sacrilege. Joining in on this brewers panel is Andy Ingram from Four Peaks, Doc Osborne from Pedal Haus and Jeff Huss from Huss Brewing Company.

In this episode you’ll hear what seems like white noise but in actuality it's the fountain right outside the patio area of Pedal Haus just off of Mill Avenue tempe. Seriously if you haven't been there make it a priority.

Lets tap into ...BEER TRENDS

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