Al Allaire (Seaway Valley Wrestling Owner) 1-29-2019


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Not only does Lewis find the best talent out there for his interviews men behind the promotion such as Al Allaire, owner of Seaway Valley Wrestling. Their promotion is on fire but he still took some time to sit down with Lewis and discuss:

  • The origins of Seaway Valley Wrestling
  • The preparation it takes to plan and book a show
  • The huge February 9th card in Cornwall that includes @SheldonJean_ vs Josh Alexander (@WalkingWeapon)
  • If he’d ever like to do a joint show with @impactwrestling
  • Who he feels could be the face of Seaway Valley Wrestling
  • How soon can we expect to see SVW streamed on a service such as PowerBomb TV
  • If expanding to Toronto or Windsor is a goal
  • Talent he hopes to bring into SVW
  • Which championships we can expect in SVW
  • The hiring of Bobby Virtue (@DrBobCommentary)
  • And so much more

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