Alicia Atout (The Interview Queen) 1/17/2019


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Not only does Lewis bring in the best talent around but he also brings in some of wrestling's best personalities. On this episode, he is joined by none other than The Interview Queen, Alicia Atout and they discuss:

  • The origins of AMBY
  • Doing commentary for the 1st time for Womens Wrestling Revolution
  • Who she is hoping to interview in 2019
  • Her thoughts on All Elite Wrestling and if she’d like to work for them
  • Her current status with Impact Wrestling
  • If she was nervous at all interviewing megastar @IAmJericho
  • Destiny Wrestling’s huge Jan 20 show Carnage and her role for the event
  • She weighs in on the ginger ale debate – Canada Dry or Schwepps?
  • She responds to a message from RJ City
  • Answers fan questions and much more!

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