Kobe Durst (Indy Superstar) 12/18/2018


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Kobe Durst (@kobedurst) has been tearing up the Canadian & US wrestling scene since his last appearance on the network. Lewis (@TappedOutLewis) recently had a chance to catch up with the busy young superstar to discuss:

  • His 60 min Iron Man MOTYC with Josh Alexander (@Walking_Weapon)
  • Why he started wearing his trademark arm sleeve
  • Dealing with his hectic travel schedule
  • Being able to work for so many different promotions
  • Which promotions he hopes to be working for soon
  • If @NJPW1972 Super Juniors is a goal
  • His match with Myron Reed (@TheBadReed) for Unsanctioned Pro Wrestling (@UnsanctionedPro)
  • His all time favorite opponent
  • How friendly Kobe outside the ring becomes Killer Kobe inside the ring
  • The ultimate goal for Kobe
  • When he will get his shot at Steve Brown (@renownedbrown) and the Courage Pro (@Courage_Pro) Title
  • And much more!

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