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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. I wanted to do something different for you for today’s episode and wanted to really focus on why we spend a lot of time highlighting marketing and raising capital on this show. I realized many of you may not know my story, so I’m highlighting an interview I did with Steven Pesavento on his show, the Investor Mindset Podcast.

We talked about my background, growing up in a scarcity environment, making it to corporate America, and ultimately becoming a real estate investor. Much of our discussion focused on raising capital for real estate deals and overcoming the issues that many investors face.

I discuss the 6 C’s of Raising Capital and why developing a marketing plan is critical if you are serious about growing your real estate business.

Key Insights on Raising Capital

  • How my past shaped my financial future
  • Starting out as an executive at GM

I was side-hustling as a kid, selling plastic gloves to beauty salons, which taught me that there is great value to putting the right product/service in front of the right audience at the right time.

  • How a heartbreaking moment at GM during a bankruptcy changed my trajectory
  • The Rich Dad, Poor Dad connection
  • Multifamily Investing as an adult side-hustle
  • Taking the equity in my first 2-unit property to create a six-figure line of credit to buy an 8-unit property.
  • How to get started in raising capital
  • Before you can raise money, you have to understand your goals as well as your limiting beliefs

Raising capital concerns fall into one of three buckets:

  • I don’t have the network to raise money
  • I don’t want to ask friends or family for money,
  • I don’t have the education or knowledge to feel comfortable raising capital

  • How to change your focus (mindset) away from your limiting beliefs
  • Understanding the 6 C’s of Raising Capital
  1. Confidence (knowledge is power)
  2. Credibility (leverage the people around you)
  3. Connections (family and friends are not your ideal investor)
  4. Channel (What platform you use to communicate your message)
  5. Communications (What’s your message?)
  6. Consistency (demonstrating your commitment level)

A good salesman is not trying to sell you, they are trying to educate you

  • How to structure your message if you’re starting out in real estate investing
  • Understanding the different channels to use to build your network and get your message out
  • How to structure your messaging
  • Creating different tiers of messaging

Educate and inform and position yourself as a subject matter expert.

  • How to create an avatar (customer profile) of your ideal investor
  • How understanding your customer profile is a vital piece to your investing career

Developing a marketing strategy is paramount to the success of your business

What Success Looks Like to Me:

Freedom and independence

Daily Success Habits:

Journaling and having one hour to myself every morning

The Book I’m Loving Right Now:

Relentless: From Good to Unstoppable (Tim S. Grover)


When I first started out, I was concerned I was going to mess up someone else's money, so I owed it to myself and my investors to invest in a mentor. Looking back, I wish I would have doubled-down on mentoring.

What Drives Me Everyday:

My legacy and making an impact.

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