Ep. 105: The Human Side of Cyber Security


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Because the Cyber Security Industry is so Tech heavy, we often overlook the human side of Cyber Security. Author, Mentor, and Board Advisor Mark De Rijk appears on Episode #105 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how his passions led him to mentor young people on how to navigate their Cyber Security careers, his goals to educate 1 million people on the importance of Cyber Security, and why giving back to the Cyber Security community is so important to him. De Rijk is a self made entrepreneur who grew up in a rough neighborhood and has no formal education beyond high school. Yet, his passion for life and influencing the masses has brought him to start his own successful business as a professional Cyber Security advisor to a great many people. Don't miss this inspiring interview with someone who focuses on self reflection, personal impact, and life's journey to guide his career decisions in a very complex Cyber Security environment.

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