#015-Content Creation LIVE Q&A


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In this episode I did my first LIVE podcast. What is a Live Podcast. A Live Podcast is where I go live on Instagram (or it can be any other platform) to do a live recording of the podcast. So while I am live I am also recording the episode on my Macbook Pro in Quicktime.

Yes, that’s all I use to do my podcast, pretty simple and uncomplicated. This is what has made me fall in love with Podcasting. I have really come to love and enjoy running this podcast and I am happy for you to be tuning in to listen every week if you’re an avid listener or someone who tunes in occasionally either way, thanks for tuning in you are going to enjoy this one as Content Creation is a huge topic today especially if you want to position yourself as an authority and build that like know and trust factor for your business and your brand.

In This Episode I Answer Questions Like:

  • I am not getting traction on Instagram, how do I build more engagement?
  • I am now starting out and have a small portfolio, can I post pictures of work that is not mine?
  • Where do I start with Content Creation, what’s a beginner’s guide to content creation?
  • I have a fear of posting content, how do I overcome this?
  • How to find time to dedicate to creating content?

And much, much, much, more.

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