#016-How create a website that sells, one that actually makes you money, so you can make money online


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In this episode I bring on a special guest, friend and my business bestie April Brown. She’s a business consultant, co-founds a web design and SEO agency, she’s a speaker, a funnels advocate, and the host of Geek on Fleek, a podcast designed to help people make consistent income online.

In this episode you will learn:

- how to get a ROI (returns on investment) from your website

- have your website actually make money for you

- what is a sales funnel

- what you need to set up a sales funnel of your own

- how to get traffic to your website

- what is SEO and how to optimize your site

And so much more!

You can find and connect with April on IG, FB @aprilbrown.co

Her website is: www.aprilbrown.co and on her podcast Geek on Fleek on iTunes

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