Kylie Lewis: Why vulnerability is needed in schools


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In this episode, I'm joined by Kylie Lewis, founder of Of Kin. Kylie speaks about why vulnerability is needed in schools.
Kylie is a leadership developer and climate reality leader specialising in building brave leaders and courage cultures. She is a certified facilitator of Dr Brené Brown’s work on courage, vulnerability, shame and resilience (The Daring Way™, Rising Strong™ & Dare To Lead™), a Conversational Intelligence practitioner and a systemic team coach. Her vision is to build capacity for brave conversations in boardrooms, classrooms and loungerooms across Australia.
Your homework:

  • Consider: What is your call to courage?
  • Think about how you can demonstrate more compassion for yourself in your work (and life). How can you treat yourself the way you might treat a close friend when acting with compassion?

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