Rachael Dubois: Building empathy through drama education


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In this episode, I’m joined by Rachael Dubois, actor and drama coach. Rachael shares some of her most powerful moments working with audiences and unpacks the value that drama education can bring to young people and adults alike, including building empathy.

Rachael Dubois is an experienced facilitator and teaching artist with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts. She is also an actor, theatre practitioner and film maker.

Rachael uses the principles of storytelling, improvisation, adaptability and collaboration to help groups work together more creatively and cohesively and find ways to connect their bodies, intellect and imagination within professional and learning contexts.

She has a particular fascination with personal story and spent a significant number of years working in Playback Theatre.

Your homework:

  • Try playing a drama game in your classroom this week to support students with their physical regulation skills. Knife and fork is a great place to start. Reflect on how their capacity to use non-verbal language and social skills improve with continued practice.

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