Teaching My Mother ABA


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Have you ever wanted to pull a freaky Friday with your mom? What could possibly go wrong? Dr. Anissa and Dr. Britt are a mother-daughter duo who struggle to maintain a healthy codependency with clear boundaries (Think Gilmore Girls meets BF Skinner). Dr. Britt is a BCBA-D and has been in the ABA field for 15 years, as a professor, researcher, and practitioner. Dr. Anissa has a Doctorate in Education, and has focused on adult learning and youth development for 10+ years. After Dr. Anissa attended ABA conferences as the “grandnanny”, she realized her passion for ABA and is pursuing her BCBA. Join mother/daughter in this freaky Friday moment, as Dr. Britt puts her own spin on her mother’s advice and does what “she thinks is best” teaching her mom ABA, while Dr. Anissa struggles with learning from her strong, independent, and sometimes scary daughter. Follow along as they navigate these new roles, apply ABA principles to childhood memories, relationships, starting a business, traveling together, and so much more in Teaching My Mother ABA!

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