EP 128 Inquiry in Math and Why It Is Necessary in the Junior Classroom


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While teaching and education is in a bit of upheaval right now. I debated about posting this or not. I created this before the break and before we were all isolated at home and social distancing.

Ultimately I decided that I am going to post the video tonight simply for no other reason than it is normal for me to do so.

Going forward I will be shifting focus on this video from inquiry in the classroom to homeschooling your own kids and remote learning. I am right there with you. I feel that with this platform you've given me, by continuing to watch, that I will do my best to continue to support you in any way I can. Together we can take on this new challenge and rock it together!! ~ Patti ****************************************************************************** I am so tired of having to justify why I teach math the way I do. Yes I teach ‘Inquiry Math’ Yes I teach ‘New Math’ And just because you didn’t learn it this way and don’t know how to help doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valuable way to teach it. Or perhaps you were just someone who got it and didn’t struggle with learning new concepts. Ok rant over... I teach math to every type of learner in my classroom and I don’t teach them all the same way. I use a variety of strategies with the knowledge that students need a scaffolded approach to learning different things. I wish someone had taught me how to do the math this way when I was a student. In this podcast, I will explain to you why I teach all types of different strategies and I will walk you through why it is important that I do. (And you can steal these ideas the next time someone questions you why you teach this way too)

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