This Week in Trek Episode 300, "The Lorca Maneuver"

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So much Discovery news.
New Discovery trailer is up.
Still no shot of the DSC bridge :D
USS Europa
Different Klingons?
Klingon Death Scream (from TNG)
Possible TOS-type uniform
Shots of Mudd
“Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you” (from ENT - Tucker’s Vulcan teacher)
Blue phasers! :D
Michael’s parents died so Sarek/Amanda adopted her.
“We’re creating a new way to fly”. Better warp drive?
New badges
Composer Jeff Russo. No goofy theme song??
Season 2 coming?…
Doug Jones (Saru) has to walk funny because of the “hooves” his character has.

Ten Forward:
Chris on Twitter: Over the past 300 episodes, what is the most important thing you learned about Trek from your cohost?

Star Trek in pop culture:
Family Guy - Big Man on Hippocampus. Clip: The family is on Family Feud.

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Subspace communications

Ken P.

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