40 Years of Flowers with Suzie Kostick


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Suzie Kostick, a leader in the floral industry who has over 40 years of experience, is the guest on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. You’ll hear how the floral industry has changed, morphed, and grown over the past four decades. Suzie tells us what it was like before the internet and social media were a part of the operations of a flower business and when the networking within the industry was truly community focused.

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In addition, we’re chatting about how we can love and influence the industry in a positive way. Suzie also gives us a sneak peek into the heart of Smithers-Oasis and their drive for innovation and sustainability as we chat about the new technologies they’re actively pursuing.

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Suzie Kostick has been in the floral industry for 40 years! Throughout her career, Suzie has dedicated her time and enthusiasm to being a retail shop owner, floral design instructor, business consultant, event coordinator, program presenter, and freelance design consultant. Currently she is part of the innovative team at Smithers-Oasis North America where her responsibilities take her around the country meeting with and educating florists in all segments of the industry on the benefits and creativity of the Smithers-Oasis brand.

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