Episode 170 – Generating Frequent Broadcasts


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First of all, wow, what a delay in-between shows huh? It’s probably best to assume we have just been insanely busy, and not think too much about this worrying trend of growing gaps between shows.

There’s a little something in here for everyone. Vidja games. Travel updates. BBQ reviews. Dave complaining about having too much wine. The list goes on and on.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 170 – Generating Frequent Broadcasts

Original Air Date: June 3rd, 2018

2:20 – Dave has a W(h)ine problem.

4:30 – Dave’s oldest had a graduation ceremony, and Dave took the opportunity to embarrass her As The Ancient Texts Foretold.

12:30 – Darryl has been playing State of Decay 2 and Houseflippers. Hey likes them both quite a bit. Not the British “quite,” which means the opposite of what you’d think, but the American “quite.”

29:50 – Dave talks about the #PUBG qualifiers for the Berlin tournament, and how his favorite team got eliminated under poor circumstance.

37:55 – It’s Darryl Story Time: What To Do With A Rogue Cat.

50:50 – Dave tried Orange Theory Fitness and so far so good.

58:00 – Dave travel update: NYC (thumbs up), Orlando (got to Into the Void), Japan (duh), Dublin (needs tips), Malta (needs tips), E3 (why God why)

1:18:55 – Dave has figured out his next Big Play.

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