S3E016 – Grecian Familial Beginnings


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Greetings from the Team GFB Bunker, where everything is fine and nothing is wrong at all in the world. This week, Dave talks to Mike Bilder of Jackbox Games.

2:00 Mike Bilder introduces himself and Jackbox Games

5:40 Mike and Dave talk about retro games and gaming with kids

11:05 Mike’s time at Purdue (College Years), his change from EE to CS

15:00 First job at Motorola, getting into Midway

19:00 Getting into Midway, Sports Station Cabinet

22:05 interviewing for Midway

25:05 Mike Bilder says you should always make a demo if you want to get into games (all caps with a clap in each space)

28:00 Tangent about Motorola internal competition that happens during 2 weeks notice (and that’s where he met his wife)

31:25 First day at Midway

35:25 “And that’s when all of coin op was shuttered”

41:10 The Money Matches Era

46:15 Crunching on Blitz 2002

50:00 Transitioning to leadership

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