S3E029 – Good For Business


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Dave is back again this week running a solo cast and answering your questions. Things are still great in the USA and we’re all not panicking about multiple different crises and everything is coming up Iron Galaxy!

(Windjammers is in the back)

1:30 – GFB State of the Union
4:35 – How wonderful is that Ramon guy?
5:25 – Iron Galaxy Future Plans?
8:00 – Talk me out of getting into watch collecting.
9:50 – How is working from home affecting Iron Galaxy?
12:05 – Why did you ghost me from email for my stackup donation?
12:40 – Where do you see the games industry going and how do you expect this to affect IG?
16:45 – Talk about that rad PC and how streaming is a blowup.
20:45 – Langer’s Top 10 Summer Memories
25:55 – Always up for any old Midway stories.
29:55 – Most exciting up-and-coming trends in gaming biz?
31:45 – Talk about things you collect other than miles and wine.
33:00 – Top 5 memes of the week
34:15 – How do you think IG will benefit from new consoles?
36:45 – If you had a choice to add one genre to IG’s portfolio what would it be?
37:25 – Talk about IG’s bid for GTAV, PS6, and Xbox Series X2
37:40 – Wreckateer 2?
39:05 – What can smaller game devs do to stand out without in-person expos?
40:45 – How’s doggo doing?
41:40 – Tesla 🙂
42:30 – Tips and tricks for leaving without saying goodbye.
46:15 – Tesla sex update?
46:50 – Certified banger update
47:20 – Do you see the toolsets your team uses changing?
49:05 – What machines would be in Lang’s Arcade?

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