Episode 130 – Gratuitous Fist Bumping


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The guys are all over the map on this show, but there is some video game talk nestled in there (Nioh, Ghost Recon) if you’re into that. Look, I’ll be honest. When we record shows without cohesive themes it’s really difficult to construct meaningful, bespoke show notes. Listen to this show and try it for yourself. It’s legit pretty tough!

Team GFB Radio – Episode 130 – Gratuitous Fist Bumping

Original Air Date: April 3rd, 2017

1:50 – We recorded Sunday night, and Orlando is the center of the Universe.

5:00 – The guys get their APMs up for the glitch in last week’s show.

8:18 – Dave is coming to visit all his friends in Orlando.

11:00 – Dave gets Darryl up to speed with Drake Twitter, and all it’s coming and goings.

13:20 – Dave did some streams, you can check the archives out here if you care.

16:50 – Darryl has a Prius update on his end of things…sex in the Prius is back in play in Orlando.

19:30 – Turns out Dave is a fan of Hunt for Red October.

23:35 – Dave tries to get Darryl to listen to S-Town, the new podcast all the kids are talking about.

25:15 – Dave is getting a Switch, and Darryl has a great idea.

32:00 – Friend of the show Landon wants to know what to do in Chi-City.

40:00 – Someone posted a question about building the text-side of a talk over on the subreddit, and the guys help them out.

48:00 – Adamazing wants to know why Dave loves the 3DO so much.

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