Episode 142 – Grounded For Biting


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This week’s remix brought to you by @jakeplaysthings

Some PUBG talk, Lang drank too much at a party again, and Darryl is crushing that #dadlife. Don’t hate, appreciate.

Team GFB Radio – Episode 142 – Grounded For Biting

Original Air Date: July 10th, 2017

4:45 – Dave recaps Fire & Ice 5, as best he can remember it.

11:25 – Darryl took his family to the Dan TDM Live show, and it was great.

24:35 – Dave went to the MI retreat, and it’s now 200% better than it was last year.

28:05 – Here’s the lengthy Paddle Boats/Paddle Board digression you’ve been clamoring for.

38:40 – Dave went to Logan Hardware for the first time, and almost became a 3rd Strike legend.

44:10 – Chris from Australlia drops a hot trip recap, IG feed at #polessoworldwide

50:55 – Avalon writes in to confirm Utah’s parks are on point.

52:20 – Owen from Ballard is not Worldwide but he has started a podcast.

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