S3E020 – Generating Financial Boons


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This week Dave is joined by CAA’s Derek Douglas to discuss Derek’s Game Dev Origin Story, and it’s unlike any we’ve had on the show previously. Derek focuses on Business Development, a side of the business that rarely gets discussed. So pull up a chair, free your mind, and turn up the volume. You just might learn something.

Oh also Dave’s mic is blown out a bit this episode. Sorry. Sorry everyone. Sorry. APMs up on this one.

1:45 – Derek Introduces Himself and CAA

4:55 – “What do you do day in and day out for developers?”

9:35 – What an agent actually does and common misconceptions

15:50 – “How often do you find that developers don’t want an agent?”

23:50 – “Who is the best developer you’ve ever seen in a pitch meeting?”

28:50 – How Derek got interested in video games

36:05 – The College Years

40:25 – Joe Vs The Volcano

42:15 – William Morris

46:45 – “This Is A Terrible Job”

50:15 – Getting into Games Agency

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