S3E023 – Go Freeze Bananas


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What is up everyone? Dave and Darryl are back to talk about space, projects, and answer your questions once more.

This has nothing to do with the episode.

1:00 – Dave and Darryl talk rocket science
3:00 – Quarantine Beards
6:00 – Dave’s Wine Rack Update™
13:20 – Dave’s Next Project™
19:00 – Dave Will Not Go to Woot Dot Com
21:00 – Dave’s On Air
27:50 – Darryl’s Turnip Tracker
31:10 – Dave’s Streaming Setup
40:50 – Quarantine Watching
43:50 – Quarantine Driving
50:40 – ASK THE WIZ
51:10 – Do you think the current quarantine situation is going to result in a huge influx of indie game masterpieces next year because everyone has been stuck at home and thirsty for any kind of work to take their minds of things?
52:30 – The time I’ve had in quarantine has given me a-lot of perspective on my career decisions. I wen’t from web developer to web-app developer… (It’s been along process to switch an associates 2 times) However I’ve been playing Jackbox with friends a-lot lately, and it’s given me the perception that common-day board games like Monopoly could be easily adapted to something like… do you see web based controller games continuing to take a foothold in the party game industry?
55:50 – Although I’m a web programmer, for those who aspire to break into the gaming industry or some other sort of programming. If you were hiring would you choose the person with a fleshed out github portfolio? or the person with a degree?
56:55 – If you had to do it all over again and forced to choose a different career, what would it be? Why?
58:05 – If humans had ultimate abilities, what would be your ability?
59:40 – Is Florida where you thought you would end up putting roots? If you had to choose, would it be Chicago again or someplace new?
1:01:00 – Berserker Greaves or Sorcerer Shoes?
1:01:25 – What’s the most Florida Man thing you’ve ever witnessed while living here? Also what the most Florida Man thing you’ve ever done yourself?
1:04:55 – What game do you wish you could play for the first time again?
1:07:05 – I just got access to EA Origin’s Game Vault library and I’m having trouble deciding which Need for Speed game to jump into. In chronological order I’ve installed Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Need for Speed: Rivals, Need for Speed: 2015, Need for Speed: Payback. Historically I’ve played games chronologically for narrative-based games but I don’t think this applies to the Need for Speed franchise. I’m tempted to just play the newest one, but I’ve noticed that the older games are better reviewed than the newer ones. What would you do in my situation?

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