The Challengers 10: Judo raises big bucks down under -- Starling nears profitability


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Welcome to The Challengers podcast episode number 10. Your hosts Zack and Josh talk about Aussie challenger bank Judo and its success in raising a war chest of capital ($400 million). Unlike other challengers, the founders are in their fifties and are from the industry. Next up, Zack mentions Zerocard and its creative approach to providing debit card control with the rewards program of a credit card. It launched recently. Josh dug into the Apple Card launch a bit as a prelude to discussing the move in the industry to launch multiple color cards made out of cool metals. He's surprised it matters to some people but admits that it does influence their decisions. Next up, your hosts discuss Starling Bank and its growth -- the company is on its way to hitting £1B in deposits and profitability. Lastly, media firm Fox surprised everyone with an entrance into fintech with an acquisition of Credible, an online loan marketplace. Does this mean more media firms make strategic moves in the space? We’d like to thank our sponsor MX for supporting Tearsheet’s work. MX is the leading data platform for banks, credit unions and fintechs, enabling its clients and partners to easily collect, enhance, analyze, present and act on financial data.

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