Down the Blockchain Rabbit Hole!


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Oy! This episode was an epic lesson in how to climb out of a blockchain rabbit hole for Ed, Charlie and Anne T. Griffin (Tech 2025's new Emerging Tech Correspondent). Bubbles, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Ethereum, smart contracts -- so much to learn, so little time!

In this episode, the crew tackles the daunting and massively complicated topic of Blockchain -- what is it really? How can we separate what we need to know from hype? Where can we find the best, most reliable info on blockchain? Are we in a bubble? And what does Paris Hilton have to do with all of this. With even experts in the blockchain space admitting that the technology is so new, and the ecosystem is growing so quickly, that it's hard to wrap your minds around it, we discuss how ordinary people looking to understand this might find their own way of learning about blockchain and connecting with blockchain communities.

On the topic of Blockchain events (and how they are popping up everywhere), Ed and Charlie discussing recent Blockchain events they went too and Anne gives us a thought-provoking recap of an event (Where Do Cryptocurrencies Derive Value & Are We In a Bubble?) and shares why coming regulations (not the bubble) gets her hyped!

Read Anne's blog post about the crypto currency event: Are We In A Cryptocurrency Bubble???What I Learned About the Value of Cryptocurrency and Inevitable Regulation

Show Notes on the Blog:

  • Bitcoin Heist movie: (Charlie saw part of the movie and hated it so much she couldn't get through the whole thing)
  • Book: Blockchain Applications in Finance by by Peter Borovykh (Ed mentions going to a sold-out book launch event for this book)
  • Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott (the definitive, most popular book about Blockchain - highly recomm
  • Check out Blockchain Meetups in your area (especially the smaller events)
  • Podcasts: Blockchain Insider and This Week in Startups (Charlie is addicted to both podcasts and swears she gets the best info on blockchain news and technologies from these two podcasts)
  • Future Tech Podcast (Ed suggests them and has been a guest speaker on the show -- they focus a lot on blockchain and cryptocurrency)
  • Subscribe to Blockchain-related conversations on Quora and Reddit where a lot of great conversations about Blockchain are being had by techies and non-techies alike. Charlie suggests going through your LinkedIn account to see who in your network is working in (or affiliated with) Blockchain (you'd be surprised!)
  • Twitter - Ed mentions Ark Investment Management (which created ETFs) does most of their research on Twitter
  • Dictionary of Blockchain lingo suggest by Anne:
  • “All blockchain-based business models that have nothing directly to do with Bitcoin – 50% (stat mentioned by Charlie) - Collateral Damage and the Inevitable Bitcoin Crash (Forbes)


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