Episode 187: Plant-Based Burger Wars


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Plant-based burgers and beef have dominated the recent headlines. Everyone from McDonald’s to Costco, Trader Joe’s and Nestlé, announced new plant-based burger offerings. Simultaneously, news outlets are debating whether or not beef is good for the planet and good for people. On this episode of Tech Bites, Shack Shack's VP of Menu Innovation and Supply Chain, Jeffery Amoscato talks with host Jennifer Leuzzi (@mmesnack) about the Veggie Shack, burger wars, and how the Shake Shack (@shakeshack) mission of “Stand for Something Good” translates into global menu development that is delicious and responsible. This episode of Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn) is made possible by the generosity of Hearst Ranch (@hearst_ranch_beef) the largest single-source producer of grass-fed beef in the U.S.

Photo Courtesy of Shake Shack

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