Disney’s Netflix Competitor / Homecoming & Guava Island / Work: the New Religion / Is Jumia African?


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Abadesi and Michael are back breaking down. Disneys new streaming service, The controversy as to whether Jumia is actually an African startup [26:00] Alibaba’s Jack Ma’s 996 work schedule - 9am-9pm six days a week, [14:22] What is a startup? Is it purely all about growth? [6:36] Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary and Donald’s Guava Island [23:45] Further Reading: https://twitter.com/garrytan/status/1118589223114698752 https://twitter.com/tmsruge/status/1117092692423512064 Find A Job: www.pocitjobs.com Support Techish at www.patreon.com/techish Advertise on Techish: goo.gl/forms/MY0F79gkRG6Jp8dJ2 #Techish Stuff: Use the hashtag #Techish www.twitter.com/michaelberhane_ www.twitter.com/abadesi www.twitter.com/pocintech Email us at techishpod@gmail.com

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