A Founder Special: How To Find A CTO? Should I Bootstrap? Am I Too Old? One Founder Or Two?


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Michael and Abadesi are back [kind of], with a founder special. This is the #Techish perspective on starting a company. - How to find a CTO - Should I bootstrap or raise money? - Am I too old to start a company or learn to code? - Can I do it by myself? This episode is sponsored by getguru.com. They are hiring on POCIT: link in the show notes: https://www.pocitjobs.com/company/page/10442 Techish Live Show: In other awesome news, the first Techish live show is happening in London, November 14th. Get your tickets here: www.eventbrite.com/e/techish-podca…ets-74714006605 Level Up: Find a new job: www.pocitjobs.com Make your company more productive and inclusive through Abadesi’s: www.hustlecrew.co #Techish Stuff: Use the hashtag #Techish on Twitter. Support Techish at www.patreon.com/techish Advertise on Techish: goo.gl/forms/MY0F79gkRG6Jp8dJ2 Stay In Touch: www.twitter.com/michaelberhane_ www.twitter.com/abadesi www.twitter.com/hustecrewlive www.twitter.com/pocintech Email us at techishpod@gmail.com

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