Gentrified Startups, Black Panther 2, Bill Gates is Single! Fallout From Basecamp Drama, Dogecoin!


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Techish is back with a brand new episode! Abadesi and Michael discuss the fallout from the Basecamp's situation. They also break down: - Bill and Melinda Gates divorce - The mother of all bubbles - Dogecoin - Black Panther 2 'Wakanda Forever - Gentrified startups ————————————————————— Sponsors: Flatiron Health is hiring: Movable Ink is hiring: ————————————————————— for roles for POC in tech for talks and training to make your company more inclusive ————————————————————— Extra Reading: ————————————————————— Use the hashtag #Techish on Twitter & IG Support Techish at Advertise on Techish: ----------------- Stay In Touch: Email us at

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