Red Markets, Black Death - Playtest 6


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NOTE: While this is the 5th playtest recorded for the podcast, this is playtest 6. That is because playtest 5 is the one we recorded live at Origins 2019, which appeared on RPPR. If you haven't already, give it a listen here!

Ethan leads Greg, Ian, and friend of the podcast Brownie on another round of Red Markets, Black Death! A group of takers have to escort some horses to a coronation ceremony for King John. How hard can it be?

While Brownie is a great friend, he's also a Patron! 10$+ backers can participate in our quarterly backer games! If we cannot find a schedule that works, we invite backers to games with cast members, like this one!

Brownie: Thorthur Ormson, an Icelandic gentleman who picked the wrong year to go on pilgrimage.

Greg: Mathias, a knight who fled a castle that was beset by the 'plague', fleeing with only his horse, a random kid, and his best friend's squire.

Ian: Seelie, an outlaw hunter from Ireland who was exiled due to picking up the wrong bounty.

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