Anna McGrane & Joshua Fireman on Knowledge and Change Management in Legal Without Boiling the Ocean


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You don't have to "boil the ocean" to implement innovation and change in a law firm or legal department. That's what we learn in Episode 35 from Anna McGrane, PacerPro COO, and Joshua Fireman, President of Fireman & Company.

PacerPro is an app that streamlines and automates the distribution and capture of data from federal court filings. Fireman & Company is a legal industry-focused management consulting firm.

Anna and Joshua join us to talk about a white paper they put together analyzing the time saved and the ROI law firms realized by automating the distribution and processing of federal court filings.

Dealing with pleadings may not be the sexiest legal tech use case, but as Joshua explains, addressing solvable, everyday pain points can be a big win in the development of a knowledge management program and in the bigger picture of change management.

In their study, Anna and Joshua figured out that by automating the distribution and processing of federal court filings, participating law firms saved nearly 50,000 hours of human time.

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