Episode 11: Lucy Bassli on the Legal Ecosystem & Unicorn Lawyers


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In Episode 11 we talk to Lucy Bassli founder of InnoLegal Services and Chief Legal Strategist at Law Geex.

Lucy started her career in Big Law and ultimately landed a job in Microsoft’s legal department where she served as Assistant General Counsel.

Lucy left Microsoft in 2017 and started InnoLegal Services–part law firm and part consultancy–where she helps law firms and law departments develop new ways to deliver and receive legal services.

In her role as Chief Legal Strategist for Law Geex, Lucy advises on the use of AI in contracting and product roadmaps, consults with customers, and assists with go-to-market strategies.

During our talk, Lucy explains who the players are in the modern legal ecosystem and why all of them should work together. Lucy also explains what it means to be a unicorn lawyer–a lawyer that knows the value of law, process and technology.

In our legal founder segment, we talk to Nehal Madhani, founder of Alt Legal. A docketing system for intellectual property matters.

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