Slack’s Cyndi Wheeler & Mark Pike on Automating Legal Workflows And (Not) Using Email - Episode 34


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Do you want to spend less time dealing with email? Are you interested in automating repetitive work tasks?

Cyndi Wheeler and Mark Pike, both in-house lawyers at collaboration software company Slack, offer tips on how to do that in Episode 34.

Cyndi and Mark discuss how they moved almost all of their communications with outside counsel away from email and into Slack channels and how that has increased productivity and the effectiveness of their legal team.

They also explain that Slack is more than just a communication hub, but has many other features including workflows and bots that the Slack legal department uses to automate common legal tasks. They use Slack workflows to field questions, review documents and contracts for legal issues and help sales close deals.

Finally, the two lawyers offer tips about how to organize and prioritize Slack channels and messages to stay sane and not become overwhelmed by the barrage of electronic communications we all get everyday.

Technically Legal is hosted by Chad Main, an attorney and the founder of Percipient, a tech-enabled alternative legal services provider.

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