3D Printers going from food to houses | Kirk Anderson from SQ4D interview | (Dumbest Crazy Hacker) DCH Award | Mike's Mesmerizing Moment | Can you hear me "MEOW"? | DCH award, all this and more. Original Air Date: Week 2/13 - 2/19 2021


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On Episode 35, We are back to our regular format, but Nathan and Mike are not in the studio? This episode is all remote. Why is that? Today's special guest on the show, will answer the question, what is biggest thing you can build with a 3D Printer, as he is a pioneer in the field and will join us from New York, Kirk Anderson from SQ4D.
We have our first (Dumbest Crazy Hacker) DCH Award of 2021 in our [Top Stories in the First Five Minutes] For some fun we have our classic game [Two Truths and a Lie] segment back. We are going spend a lot of time talking about 3D printers the future of printers, from plastic toys, to steaks and much more on our [Ask the Experts], all this on this week’s episode of TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm.
“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go "Hummmm" Technology news of the week for February 13th - 19th 2021.
--- [Top Stories in 5 Minutes]: Starts 8:00
Lawyers and Zoom can make a funny combination https://tinyurl.com/jvqk3e4x
This hack would essential be like someone hacking into Microsoft and getting in to steal the code of Window for Work Groups 3.11 https://tinyurl.com/5sspdqk7
Mighty Buildings nabs $40M Series B to 3D print your next house onsite

--- [Ask the Experts]: Starts at 19:05
Printing Food- 3D Printer that is all about the “BEEF” behold a 3D-printed, cruelty-free rib-eye steak https://tinyurl.com/17l0vzfw
Kirk Anderson from SQ4D is going to explain to us how he built a 3D printed home in just 48 hours. https://tinyurl.com/lrcd2ox9
--- [Two Truths and a Lie]: Starts at 40:55
Lie - Amazon's driver monitoring app Tracker is an invasive nightmare. Name is called "Mentor"
Truth - CEOs of Robinhood and Reddit to Testify in Federal GameStop Hearing
Truth - Hubble researchers find a gaggle of small black holes
--- [Mike's Mesmerizing Moment]: Starts at 47:05
Why do people ask for free stuff?
--- [Pick of the Day]: Starts at 52:22
Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (9 Years)

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